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In general, depending on the procedure and your condition, your insurance may pay for part of your care in our office.  Recently, Medicare has elected to cover one of our more successful procedures for reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.  We are happy to check your benefits to let you know exactly what the cost of your treatment will be.  This begins with a conversation.  Call us to schedule and we will check your insurance and let you know what out of pocket costs will be.  At Edge, we believe in providing access to care – that means we try really hard to help you find a way to get the help that you need, through lenders and payment plans that work with your budget. 
We are credentialed with a multitude of insurance plans.  Additionally, many plans have out-of-network benefits.  We will be happy to check your particular benefits before your appointment or requested care at our office. We also accept cash, credit, health savings and even make payment arrangements that fit your budget to help you get the care that you need.  Accessibility to these incredible therapies drives us to open our doors.

We are proud to have a dedicated group of providers who genuinely care about the suffering patients who struggle with chronic pain deal with on a daily basis.  We are honored to gave Dr. Lawrence Zeff as our lead physician and clinic director.  Dr. Zeff brings over 30 years of clinical experience in addressing patients’ pain.  He is a board-certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist with advanced training in treating pain caused by spinal conditions.  Dr. Zeff also travels the country to continue his medical education specifically in the latest advancements and therapies in regenerative medicine for the benefit of his patients.
He has performed over 30,000 procedures over the course of his career and is a former team physician for the Cincinnati Reds.  On top of his impressive credentials, we feel his greatest qualification is the compassion he brings to patient care.  Afterall, don’t we all want a physician who not only listens but cares? 

Working alongside Dr. Zeff, is Dr. Rebecca Singh.  Dr. Singh has been a chiropractor for over 14 years and has cared for patients with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.  She is qualified to perform dry-needling and chiropractic care when appropriate.  She has supervised therapeutic exercise and other conservative care to restore function and improve the quality of life of her patients.  She is a recipient of “Best of Cincinnati” in her field and has an incredible relationship with the patients that rely upon her for care.  Dr. Singh also relentlessly pursues additional education and training in the area of functional medicine and women’s health.

Both of our clinicians intimately understand chronic pain because they both have conditions which have affected their activities of daily living and have both elected to receive regenerative procedures to help them get back on track.  When you speak with them, you can rest assured that they understand what you say when you tell them “I hurt.”  We feel it is a benefit to have a clinician who has walked the same path as you and is willing to give you the best of their education and clinical experience as you journey toward healing together.

Anyone who has pain may be a good candidate for regenerative medicine.  Everybody is different, and everybody’s condition when they present to our practice is as unique as they are.  Our clinic is a boutique practice that concentrates on patients who are seeking solutions for their pain when other approaches have failed.  When you come into our office, you will discover a different type of healthcare experience.  Our hope is that you will benefit from an increased time with your doctor that gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with the people partnering with you on your health.  We strongly believe that the factory model of healthcare does not benefit either the patient, or physician.  We are trying to change that.  It starts with a conversation.  Our hand is extended in the hopes that you will take it and allow us to try to help.

First, do no harm.  Patient safety and positive outcomes are our first priority and responsibility as humans and clinicians.  All of the products that we use in our therapies are FDA approved for their safety for use in the therapeutic intervention of pain.  We are disturbed by the number of clinics that are willing to use products that do not have a level of safety in the manufacturing and application process that the FDA has determined as being safe for patients.  We understand our patient are our neighbors and it is our responsibility as healthcare providers to be the watchman for their safety when they seek help for their condition.  We promise to never use a product or therapy that we feel is unsafe.  We take extraordinary measures to understand the science and clinical data of every therapy we recommend for our patients.  Moreover, we take the time to explain them to you and are eager to engage you, as the patient, in the process.

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