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Spine and Orthopedic Surgeries Carry the Following Risks/Complications:

  • Permanent loss of mobility
  • Permanent changes to anatomy
  • Formation of dysfunctional scar tissue
  • Potential for persistent pain after procedure
  • Potential for fatal mistakes
  • Difficult recovery


Steroid Injections Carry the Following Risks/Complications:

  • Temporary relief from pain and inflammation
  • Degrades bone density over time
  • Degrades cartilage over time
  • Worsens/accelerates joint, disc and muscle tendon degeneration
  • May adversely impact blood pressure and blood sugar levels

At Edge Physical Medicine, we treat painful soft tissue injuries, and joint dysfunction in the spine and extremities, with physical and non-surgical medicine using cutting edge technology to rid of your pain at its source.

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